Walter Wriston, former CEO of CITICORP once asked, “if wages come from work, rent from real estate, and interest from savings, where do profits come from?”  He replied to his own question with the answer “profits come from risk.”


To gain in anything, whether it be in business, politics, or any pursuit in life, one must risk.  We must face risk simply because we live in an uncertain world.


Risk defined, is the possibility of a loss.  It is the combined estimate of the probability and severity of an event that would have an adverse impact on earnings, in the case of business, or other types of losses in specific undertakings pursued.  It means being exposed to the possibility of a bad outcome, either directly or indirectly.


Risk, however, if properly assessed and managed, can be avoided.  It can, in fact, be turned into opportunity.  It can prevent a loss and result in a profit.  It can prevent defeat and earn victory.


It is with this in mind that a group of individuals who have not only studied risk, but have actually managed it and turned it to opportunities both in the private and public sectors, have come together for the purpose of assisting those exposed to business, political, legal and regulatory, public relations, and other risks.


ROAM, Inc. accommodates a broad range of client needs in risk, opportunities assessment and management.




12 DECEMBER 2019
1 - 5 PM